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> I need some information on the state of California's policies on AFP
> (alpha-fetoprotein) or triple screen (triple marker) prenatal testing.  I
> understand that it is mandatory in California and that there are some
> insurance coverage issues associated with the availability of these tests. 
> If someon has information on this r can direct me to the sources, that
> would be greatly appreciated.  This is for a paper I am writing on the
> ethics of prenatal screening.
> Thank you,
> Andrew Wagner
Dear Andrew,

Just yesterday I attended a class for expectant mothers at Kaiser Hospital, a 
large HMO in California.  They encourage the AFP test but do not mandate it.  
The triple screen test was not even mentioned and it appears that it is not 
necessary.  Kaiser Hospital might be a resource for you as well as the 
California Dept. of Health.

Kathleen Reynolds

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