HELP: in search of cDNA

doucettea at doucettea at
Thu Jul 28 17:39:41 EST 1994

Anne Doucette
Dept of Biology
Kenyon College
Gambier, Ohio

I am in search of complete cDNAs for an actin, myosin, spectrin, annexin or
integrin with which I wish to use to probe the genomic DNA of Phycomyces in my
effort to elucidate the cytoskeletal proteins of this organism and their
possible role in its gravitropic response.  I am an undergraduate Honors
research student at Kenyon College working with plant physiologist Dr. Kathryn
Edwards, and am currently working with a Summer Science Scholarship awarded by
Kenyon.  I would greatly appreciate any advice as to where I might find someone
to donate to my project a sample of the above plasmid inserts.  My research
budget is limited, but I have $300 which can be applied to costs of the cDNAs.

Thank you so much.

Anne Doucette, '95
email: doucettea at
614-427-5154 (lab)

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