Publication ethics

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Thu Jul 28 16:59:05 EST 1994

Andrew Cockburn asks if there is anything illegal about publishing when a co-
author objects, and Don Forsdyke imagines there could be legal redress.
	There may be "legal redress" in the civil courts; a suit alleging dam-
age to professional reputation due to publishing low quality work would be my
guess as to the most likely legal path.  This does not address the question
of legality--no criminal charges are necessary for this suit.  Also, life may
be short; however, monitary redress and salvation of professional reputation
are goals worthy of a fight.  I would think it worth it if only my reputation
were to be salvaged--after all, who would want to be quoted extensively in
another evolution vs. creation thread on this newsgroup?  Good (hypothetical)


					Bill Tivol

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