Where is the microbiology group?

Bert Popping Bert.Popping at durham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 29 03:09:25 EST 1994

Dear Kevin,

the bionet.microbiology newsgroup is definetely not dead. It has been 
established a month ago, but it took our newsfeed site a whole month to 
make it available. The interesting point about it is that it was created 
at some other sites much earlier !

You have three possibilities:
	1) subscribe via E-Mail. Ask Martin Latterich 
(micro at mendel.berkeley.edu) or search in the archives for the address.

	2) try another site (perhaps you have access to databases (DNA, 
protein etc.). Try to run the newsreader program there (tin, xrn)

	3) wait 'til it is locally created 


 Kevin P. O'Connell (oconne18 at pilot.msu.edu) wrote:
: Hi all!
: Is the microbiology newsgroup set up yet?  Is it dead?  I thought I read
: that it passed the vote.  Perhaps some kind person could clue me in?
: Kev

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