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Sat Jul 30 00:18:19 EST 1994

Fencerex (fencerex at wrote:
: Hi Cornelius.  Thanks for the help.  Where would I find coli databases?  I
: am navigating on internet via America on line and this menu driven stuff
: is kind of confusing.

The E.coli genetic stock center has a Web server

I think the gopher server has the same hostname, but if not
try fetalpig.  

Manfred Kroeger's E.coli datasets are available from the EMBL
FTP site

Medigue et al have made their E.coli database (Colibri) freely available as
a 4D database for the Mac.  I don't have the net address handy, but
look a few issues back in Microbiological Reviews (or, look in
SeqAnalRef for Colibri to find the reference; SeqAnalRef is available
for searching on the gopher at

For Kenn Rudd's database, you should contact him directly at
rudd at

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