John Houwen john.houwen at compudata.com
Sun Jul 31 11:09:00 EST 1994

Hello All,

I'm new to this group, and normally I'd "lurk" for a while before 
writing anything. However, my wife is sick and if there's any way 
to collect some information about diverticulitis (I hope the 
spelling is correct) and you folks could direct me to the proper 
forum it would be greatly appreciated.

Diverticulitis was explained as an "outpouching" of tissue in the 
wall of the bowel. Except for the GI Doc on the case no one seems 
to have much information on this condition.

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience.

John Houwen
°°±±²²[ john.houwen at compudata.com ]²²±±°°

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