More Info on London Streptococcus ?

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: >In the absence of the pending bionet.microbiology, has anyone more 
: >information on the recent outbreak of suspected hemolytic Streptococcus

: It's a beta-haemolytic group A streptococcus. There are no indications that 

: How can a bacterium suddenly become so much more virulent? I saw something 

I just heard a microbiologist from Bonn (near Cologne in Germany) saying,
that the complications are seen in england arise with a mixed infection
of group-A Streptococci and another *anaerobic* Streptococcus (which
is mostly overseen by the diagnosticians, because this one is hard to
cultivate/not routinely detectable).
Propably, it's a real *newspaper* epidemic .... such cases are known for
many, many years all over the world...


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