Weedkiller poisoning?

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Wed Jun 1 08:44:48 EST 1994

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> shanerd at ptag2.pt.cyanamid.com writes:
>>>If you are asking about dangers and symptoms of poisoning of the herbicide
>>Roundup to humans, this is an extremely safe herbicide with no known
>>effects on humans or any animals...
> So... I look on a bottle of ``Roundup'' concentrate out in the shed, and 
> find that its active ingredient is X-5methochloridane549 (or some such :-)
> and then I look on a spray bottle of ready to use ``Roundup'' I bought
> recently, and find that its claimed active ingredient is entirely
> different. Now, I obviously don't know what this stuff is, but that's
> not the point. The point is the following question: is ``Roundup''
> just a brand name for any number of different herbicides?
> -Mike
Roundup, as far as I know, only applies to the herbicide glyphosate.  However
the stuff you found appears to be one of the old chlorinated hydrocarbons
that are no longer registered for use.  It's very possible that Roundup
was an old trade name for this insecticide.  The problem with trade names
is that companies registered the name and can then use the name for different
active ingredients, although not at the same time.  Thus, Weed-B-Gon has had 
several changes in the active ingredients over the years, but the name hasn't
changed.  Thus, one should always check the label and the active ingredient
of any pesticide before application.  It is never a good idea to use an 
old compound if you have lost the label instructions.  I hope this helps

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