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Silver's "Voices for Evolution"

David G. Rhodes rhodes at MODEL.PHR.UTEXAS.EDU
Wed Jun 1 07:30:35 EST 1994

On May 31, 11:35pm, yehuda silver wrote:
> Actually, in "modern politaically correct" public schools, where
> learn evolution, gay rights, recieve condoms (in fact condoms and
> evolution are the only part of the biology curriculum taken
> many students can NOT add, nor subtract, neither read nor write, but
> "High self esteem" and think they are monkeys!
> In the "politically incorrect" more traditional schools, especially
> religious ones, which stress right and wrong,
> Students do well in all standard math and reading exams,
> and achieve high scores by any objective measure.
> So which has the "backward, ignorant" approach?
>-- End of excerpt from yehuda silver

In the "P.Incorrect" schools, in which advances in education are
avoided in the misguided goal of being "traditional", the most
important loss is not "self-esteem", but the ability to think
creatively.  (no pun intended)  Before everyone jumps down my throat,
I want to stress that I do not hold the present state of public
education aloft as a model of perfection (especially in the areas of
discipline and control).  There are good and bad schools of both

I would ask Silver which student sounds more "monkey"-like?  The one
who learns to perform on standardized tests, whose goal is apparently
to "achieve high scores", or the student who learns the principles
behind the mathematics, who learns to write a persuasive essay, who
learns scientific method and science that is supported by compelling
experimental data rather than dogma ?

If Silver wishes to see an outdated (oops, excuse me - traditional)
education, then Silver can send Silver's children ...
but don't ask me to hold back _my_ children.

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