How do other scientists stay organized?

Christoph Weber cweber at
Thu Jun 2 08:33:48 EST 1994

Andrew Cockburn (afc at wrote:

: Now I keep a pile of reprints on top of my filing cabinet.  If I have not
: used them in six months or so, I throw them out.  If I need a literature 
: review, I use Medline.

: I respect those people who use computer databases to maintain their reprints,
: but I suspect that they are the same people who had cross-indexed card files
: a few decades ago.  If you are a naturally disorganized person like me, a
: computer program isn't going change you!  Better to learn how to live with
: it.

: Andrew Cockburn
: "P" on Briggs-Myers

Just wonderful, this contribution of Andrew, and very close to (my) real life.
I wholeheartedly agree.

I do think, though, that it's a good idea to have the 'core' literature of your field
in something like Endnote. Entering it there while writing papers, instead of putting
it right into the paper makes life a lot easier eventually ...
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