RFD: bionet.organisms.zebrafish

Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Thu Jun 2 01:51:44 EST 1994

		Request for Discussion

Proposal to create:	bionet.organisms.zebrafish (unmoderated)

Discussion leader:	Dick Vogt, vogt at biol.scarolina.edu

Recently, during the discussion of another proposed newsgroup,
I suggested establishing a hierarchy within bionet.* in which
to organize newsgroups about specific taxa, especially the
popular "model" organisms.

Just as an example of a group that might fit in such a hiearchy,
I suggested bionet.model-organism.zebra-fish.  There turned out
to be a significant level of interest in the idea, and over the
past week I have discussed the idea with several biologists via
e-mail.  Dick Vogt and Dean Pentcheff at U. South Carolina have
established a hypertext-based archive, after the topic came up at
a recent meeting at Cold Spring Harbor.  There was also some talk
of a newsgroup, but no clear idea how to get one started:  I am
pleased to be able to help with this step.

I propose Dick Vogt as the discussion leader for the newsgroup,
as he studies the olfactory system in zebrafish (and maintains
colonies in his lab);  he reads the bionet.* newsgroups via
Usenet, thus he has experience with both Usenet and e-mail;
and, most importantly, he is pleased at the idea of serving the
zebrafish research community by taking on this volunteer job.

Dick has suggested several good ideas about how the newsgroup
might be used, and how to accumulate an active readership:

	"... at our CSH meeting, an emotional discussion 
	erupted over nomenclature for genes.  I think people
	felt threatened that a decision was being made and
	that no further discussion would be possible.  I felt
	a newsgroup would be a perfect place to air this stuff.

	"... I have already communicated with Monte Westerfield
	at U. of Oregon;  he is very excited and supportive. ...
 	Monte ... looks after the zebrafish bulletin that U. of
	Oregon publishes.  As a result, he has the most complete
	list of zebrafish researchers.  With his help, we should
	be able to muster rapid support."

	Una Smith			smith-una at yale.edu

Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT  06520-8104  USA

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