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Jim Owens jow at helix.nih.gov
Thu Jun 2 07:39:01 EST 1994

In article <Cqr0Fs.E4x at ucc.su.OZ.AU> , mts at biochem.su.oz.au writes:
>Is this guy for real! I have worked with bacteria for 14 yrs as a
>biologist and I have NEVER seen one evolve into a higher form. I HAVE
seen many 
>mutations and I HAVE constructed many strains by plasmid transformation,
but I 
>have never seen a strain evolve! That's observation.
Now step back and observe for several thousand to several million years
without recloning too much.

>By the way no creationist that I know argues with the fact that there
are selective
>pressures at work in biology, what they do argue is that the change in
the organism
>is limilted, that is it doesn't result in a different KIND(a biblical
term not equated
>with species). 

KIND is the English translation of the Latin word species.  I still
remember my first year's Latin vocabulary included species (3rd
declension noun) means race, kind or family.  My hypothesis is that
Wycliffe when he did the first translation into English used the Vulgate
version which is a fifth century Latin version of the Bible, translated
species as KIND.  Later translaters would have kept the term for the
Great Bible and the King James Bible.  

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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