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Thu Jun 2 14:52:47 EST 1994

In article <il88.770576993 at jove>, il88 at (Hughes Lee E) writes:
> mdhouse at (Martin Latterich) writes:
>>The call for votes is still on for at least two weeks (I think) and can be
>>found in bionet.announce.
> I was gone to the ASM last week... I wonder how many other microbioligists are in the same situation.
Requested:   forwarding me a copy via e-mail, or reposting 
    > the call for votes in Bionet.announce, so that I know where to send my 
    > vote. 
from  Lee Hughes
I still found the call for votes on my computer, but have been trying to get my
vote sent in.  The address I have is :
biovote at in the U.K.
or biovote at in the USA
vote should contain a single line in the body of the text:
YES on Microbio

--I have tried several times to send my vote to the  It has
been bounced.

approx. 18.000 microbiologists missed the call for vote because we were in
Las Vegas.  Please repost and define the last voting date?
Sue Katz   DKatz at

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