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: While I think it's an excellent idea to have a forum to announce new
: services available for Bionetters, I think maybe just a WWW group is not a
: good idea. Do you expect a high number of messages to justify a new group?

The idea to have WWW as a communication tool inherits the danger that 
people are unaware of new achievements and opportunities. Hence, it is 
tedious to visit all places of interest just to find out what is new and 
when it changed. Therefore, we consider to have a low-volume, high-quality
newsgroup to be necessary for the purpose to deal with WWW type of services.

: Why not broaden it into [or .announce], including
: gopher, EMail and ftp services and maybe other packages as well? 

WWW _does_ include gopher and ftp services. Electronic Mail is a very good 
way to provide services but has seen its peak demand days. Whereas it is 
expected to be 'more important than ever' to get people started, internet 
of today is much more than plain email. 

The reason to call it .www and not .internet or .announce is to have a 
community listen to a broad tool of general interest, which is known and
available. Other tools (I favour MOO as a interesting development) are 
certainly of good use and value but if we make a large group then there's
too heterogeneous traffic. For announcements, we have bionet.announce, 

: Or, if you
: want to limit this to WWW, why not mail an announcement to bionet.general
: and/or with a pointer to the new service and the WWW
: equivalent of the proposed new group. This should go into the FAQ as well.

We _want_ a place which can be listened to as new service, admitted, but 
we want neither to compete bionet.announce nor the established archives. 
Quality control, and in particular announcements of changes and improve-
ments, can be bothering to people not tightly connected. E.g., if there's
a disk reshuffling on a server I wouldn't like to post this to an 'announce'
group like bionet.announce. Or, if the new databases accessible on a server
are now the next release, does it affect researchers reading the 
bionet.announce group? 

The intention with the FAQ were to have not only a FAQ but if there were 
a couple of servers up and running to restate their presence. Something 
like 'last verified at'... would be nice to have. 

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