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>         Achievements  are  exposed  on a WWW server simultaneously. 
>	 The intention of mederation is to (a) ensure quality, resp.  
>	 relevance of postings and (b) compose a common format which
>	 is intended to server as URL derpository where appropriate.

Is moderation really necessary? Is it assumed that the quality and
relevance of most of the BioSci groups is low? Other than
bionet.general I would not agree.

>        GOPHER and WAIS servers are  invited  to  supplement  their
>        information if their usage with WWW and associated browsers
>        is possible.

This is very nice. But is the moderation (above) and the exclusion of
non-WWW resources (below) really to allow the quality of the WWW
server mentioned in the charter to be higher quality and easier to

>	 shall  not be  competed. Specific  items on GOPHER and WAIS 
>	 software which deal with non-WWW issues are not intended to 
>	 be  discussed. The  newsgroup  shall  not be used for large 

Why a WWW specific group? I would support a more general group to
include Internet resources. I do not believe there is so much WWW
activity to merit a separate group, particularly if it is excluding
the other commonly used Internet discovery software.

I think the charter could be changed to include Gopher and FTP
resources (as well as anything else that comes along) with little
problem. I do not think fragmenting the resources by software is the
overall best approach. Maybe fragmenting by topic would be better, if
fragmentation must be done. Many resources are available via a number
of different Internet software, will a site be excluded from
mentioning their Gopher and FTP servers? Of course all you have to do
is list a URL for a gopher resource and it is a WWW issue? So why
state that non-WWW is excluded?


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