Giving tetracycline to nude mice

davis at davis at
Fri Jun 3 00:46:37 EST 1994

I am using a tetracycline-repressible promoter which has given good stimulation
and low basal expression of my gene product in vitro.  I am about to
inoculate nude mice with 3T3s expressing this gene.  Does anybody have any
information about giving tetracycline to nudes?  What dose would I need to give
to attain levels in plasma of 1 microgram/ml which suppressed things nicely in
vitro?  Is tetracycline light-sensitive?  How does it need to be stored?  Can
it be given in the water of the mice?

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help.  E-mail replies preferred please.

Ian Davis					davis at
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Melbourne Tumour Biology Branch
Melbourne, Australia.

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