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Dr Jim Cummins cummins at POSSUM.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
Fri Jun 3 01:31:57 EST 1994

With all this frenzied back-and-forth flaming about evolution versus
creation we're losing sight of a much bigger obscenity than a crackpot
group determined to foist the creation myths of a tribe of Neolithic
shepherds onto our children.  I'm talking about the maldistribution of the
world's wealth and the maintenance of poverty through arms sales to third
world countries.  

According to the UN agenda for the forthcoming World Summit for Social
Development, a simple program to provide basic needs for the world's
population, apart from reducing fertility, would cost about $US30-40
billion per year.  This is 30% of the arms budget for the developing
countries and a mere 5% of the global arms budget.   It's clear that arms
sales fuel oppression, corruption and inequality - hence things like the
army in Cambodia with 10,000 (?) colonels.  At present the "developed"
countries have 20% of the world's population but consume 70% of energy, 75%
of metals and 85% of the timber resources of the world.  According to a
report from the Financial Times, to achieve this program of basic rights
could be achieved with 20% of developing country budgets and 20% of
industrial country aid. 

Let's get this talk back to something more constructive - the survival of
the biosphere. 

Yours, virtually

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