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> > Instead of "model-organism" or just "organism", how about "species"?
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> Or how about bionet.organisms as the stem. Then would follow
> bionet.organisms.general
> bionet.organisms.celegans

In light of the fact that there are two other newsgroup proposals
about to go public that will fall logically into this area, including
one from Una that adopts this naming convention, I would like to
encourage the C. elegans people to adopt


as their USENET newsgroup name choice if they have no strong
objections against this.  I do not think that it is necessary to spend
time reorganizing existing groups such as bionet.chlamydomonas,
bionet.molbio.yeast, etc., but will, of course do so if the discussion
leaders for those groups think it will benefit them.  Reorganizations
of existing groups take collectively a fair amount of administrative
intervention on the net and also tend to complicate tracking postings
in the archives.


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