Where to find cat flea article?

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In article <2sii5t$jq0 at rc1.vub.ac.be> pclip at vub.ac.be (Paul Clip) writes:
>I recently heard of research done into how cat fleas find their cat.
>It seems they orientate themselves towards a light source and when it
>disappears, i.e. the cat they are waiting for passes between them and the
>light source, putting them in the shade, the fleas jump in the direction
>of the light and a few will find their mark.
>Could someone please tell me where to find the article relating to
>this study?>
Hi Paul. I was just reading about this yesterday, in Popular Science 
February 94 p 46.

The story is about three people at Kansas State University - Michael Dryden, 
Alberto Broce, & Kent Hampton. They have invented a trap using a light that
cycles off for five seconds in every 15. Fleas apparently think the off 
period is the shadow of a passing pet.

They hope to have a product on the market in about a year.


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