Bradley K. Sherman bks at
Fri Jun 3 12:13:49 EST 1994

A few comments:

I say, if someone is willing to moderate a newsgroup, let them.
What a chore!  The worth of the group will stand or fall on the
efforts of the moderator, and one can always turn to bionet.general
to put his/her rump to the fire --or to discuss
issues about which the moderator is too stringent or too slow.
However, I would support the removal of language from the charter
that seems overly exclusionary.

Is WWW a superset of the Internet or a subset?  I think it may be
eventually become the former, especially from the point of view of
a researcher, using the same WWW tools to access private and public

There is apparently some movement to form a WWW consortium to
set standards, etc.   I'm not crazy about this idea, but the
bionet.sofware.www group would at least be a place to advocate
for the biological research community in a coherent manner.


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