Fetal Tissue Transplants

Leonard Paplauskas lpaplaus at neuron.uchc.edu
Fri Jun 3 11:32:38 EST 1994

In article <2si3r1$o92 at rebecca.albany.edu>, frazer at albnyvms.bitnet writes:

>I am a student at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York, taking
>a course in Ethics and Disability. I would like some input regarding the issue of fetal tissue transplants.
>    As abortion is legal and a fetus is not considered a human being,
>why are we concerned with how we dispose of this unwanted mass of
>tissue?  Why would society care whether it is used for research
>or incinerated?  Why should we respect it after it is aborted
>and not before?  Please respond in care of C. Frazer. With many thanks,
>Sherry Butler

First, not everyone in the world shares your opinion that an abortus is "an 
unwanted mass of tissue".

Second, the fact that it is human tissue affords it a certain degree of
respect and dignity, just as would an arm or leg that was amputated.

Third, there is a line of thought that says certain populations could be 
coerced into agreeing to abortions by offers of remuneration, which is 
clearly the wrong reason to have an abortion.

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