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Fri Jun 3 17:43:59 EST 1994

I am currently preparing a senior seminar course for biology majors
addressing current controversies within the biological sciences.  This
course will be taught at Northeast Missouri State University, a 4 year
liberal arts school.  The purpose of the course is to give students the
chance to see biology as a dynamic field with many controversies raging
back and forth within its many subdisciplines.  Unfortunately, many
undergraduates get the false impression that biology is as cut and
dried as presented in their easily digestible text books.  This course
would show students that biology is an active science with new theories
and ideas appearing all of the time.  They would also be exposed to the
sometimes acrimonious debates that can occur in science.  In either
oral or written presentations, students would be asked to present both
sides of the issue in question, discuss possible resolutions of the
conflict, and consider directions for future research.

I am asking you for some help in putting this seminar together.  No
single biologist can keep track of all the ongoing debates within each
of biology's subdisciplines, so I need to reach out to my colleagues. 
Please list two or three ongoing controversies within your field and
send it too me as either a general posting or my personal E-Mail.  In
addition, if you know of any review articles that describe the
controversy in question, that would also be of great help. To avoid
filling up too much bandwidth, please keep arguing one point of view
over another to a minimum.

Thanks in advance.
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