How is GeneWorks for Mac?

David Huen s.d.huen at
Fri Jun 3 06:47:05 EST 1994

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mike_schultz at (Mike Schultz) wrote:
> We use the Wisconsin GCG package, but a lot of Mac people want something 
> more user-friendly.  Has anyone tried the latest version of GeneWorks
> (Intelligenetics)?  Any bad glitches?

We purchased Geneworks for our lab for that very reason (and pricey it was
too.) However, I have been very disappointed with it - the interface is not
very intuitively Mac-like, the software is a memory hog and runs slowly
(IIvx's as host). You can tell things are bad when a Mac maniac like me has
given up on Geneworks and gone back to using GCG on a VAX.

Another point is that if you get Geneworks, you are locked into getting
updates from Intelligenetics because you cannot construct your own
libraries from Genbank/EMBL downloads. Their annual maintenance fees are
pretty high.

To their credit (fair's fair), their e-mail support is prompt and courteous
but the program is not, IMHO, worth the price they charge for it.

David Huen, Inst. of Cancer Studies, Birmingham, U.K.
P.S. You can generally download from some bio-ftp sites demos for some of
these packages but it is very difficult to evaluate the packages from demos
because they are crippled in so many ways. That's what I blame for my
mistake and eventually recommending Geneworks for departmental purchase

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