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Reinhard Doelz <doelz at> wrote:
>to have announcements which are useful as URLs immediately. Unless we 
>make sure that there's a control there might easily come poblems by mail or 
>other transmission artefacts. Second, as stated, the intention is to 
>have the list as well on WWW, i.e. it must be concatenated into HTML. 
>You will cetrainly agree that HTML plain text is difficult to read. 
>We want both ASCII and HTML, so the 'moderation' is also HTML conversion.
<much deleted>

This is all very good. I applaud your willingness to provide this
service.  It will be excellent and this feature alone should be reason
to support the proposal as is.

>Mike, read the charter. We explicitly state that we DO NOT WANT TO EXCLUDE
>the other resources. We want to focus on the availability of all available

I did and that was why I asked the questions in the previous message.
Prehaps you could change the charter slightly so it is obvious that
you are not excluding others.  To quote the charter:

>         in order to overcome the  maintenance  issue. Sites running
>        GOPHER and WAIS servers are  invited  to  supplement  their
>        information if their usage with WWW and associated browsers
>        is possible.

Yes you say Gopher and WAIS links are okay, but later in the charter:

> Exclusion:
>         General  issues  on accompanying software problems shall be
>        placed  in  or  suitable software-specific
>        newsgroup s in the comp  hierarchy. Established WWW indices
>        shall  not be  competed. Specific  items on GOPHER and WAIS
>        software which deal with non-WWW issues are not intended to
>        be  discussed. The  newsgroup  shall  not be used for large

I misunderstood this to potentially exclude messages about a Gopher
ASK form, it is not a WWW issue. An ASK form can not be put into HTML,
but it would still be useful that the service is announced.

Thank you Reinhard for proposing to provide an excellent service. As
you are proposing to do all the work I support the proposal in any
form that you wish to provide.

P.S. I still don't like moderated newsgroups, I am sorry it is just my
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