bionet.species.celegans ?

Leon Avery leon at
Sat Jun 4 11:52:42 EST 1994

In article <2soiug$tr at>, burglin at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU (Thomas Burglin) writes:

|> >In light of the fact that there are two other newsgroup proposals
|> >about to go public that will fall logically into this area, including
|> >one from Una that adopts this naming convention, I would like to
|> >encourage the C. elegans people to adopt
|> >
|> >bionet.organisms.celegans
|> >
|> >as their USENET newsgroup name choice if they have no strong
|> >objections against this.  
|> I object to this, since we have settled first on bionet.elegans.
|> If at some point the future there are indeed so many bionet newsgroups
|> that reorganization becomes necessary, then celegans can be reorganized
|> too.
|> The whole C. elegans field has received the message for bionet.celegans
|> now, I don't think is good to change it now.
|> Thomas Burglin

I don't think it would really confuse anyone, Thomas.  The Call For
Votes will go out to all WBG subscribers, and it will carry the
change, if Bill decides to do it.  Certainly it won't confuse people
as much as reorganizing later.

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