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Una Smith una at
Fri Jun 3 21:50:11 EST 1994

Thomas Burglin wrote:

>> How about naming the group bionet.zebrafish[?] ...
>> these things are not like directories or folders ...

Dave Kristofferson wrote:

>Au contraire, mon ami.  That is precisely what they are.  Each segment
>of a USENET name represents part of a directory structure in the news
>partition. ...

More than that, a number of popular Usenet client programs show 
the hierarchies as nested menus (as in gopher).  A hierarchical
naming scheme helps to segregate newsgroups on narrower topics
into logical groupings.  There are only 50 bionet.* newsgroups
now, but there could easily be hundreds in a year or two.  Then
it will make a lot of sense to organize things this way, both for
those who want to read, say, a newsgroup about zebrafish, and
also for those who don't.  In fact, the more newsgroups there are,
the smaller the fraction of all readers who will read a given
newsgroup, so good organization benefits non-readers too, because
it helps them avoid what would be (to them) clutter.

Although I suggested bionet.organisms.* for the C. elegans
newsgroup proposal, it is up to the author of that proposal to
pick the final name.  That I propose bionet.organisms.zebrafish
does not mean the C. elegans newsgroup must follow suit.  On
the other hand, Dave Kristofferson favors this naming scheme
too, so perhaps there is something good to be said for it.  ;-)

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