Current Controversies

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Sat Jun 4 15:52:37 EST 1994

Pat Ross asks for current controversies in biology.
Since many of these are details of mechanisms which would require a lot of
prior knowledge on the part of the students, I'd like to suggest a non-cur-
rent controversy.  The original one-gene one-polypeptide-chain dogma was
fairly recently turned on its head with the discovery of genes coding for
multiple peptide chains and chains coded for by more than one gene.  Looking
into the history of this will provide the students with a lot of knowledge
about biology and about the way new discoveries have altered a major tenet
in genetics.  A current howling controversy involves the effect (or lack the-
reof) of electromagnetic fields on human health.  If you decide to use this
current example, have the students check out the work of Kirshvink (sp??) on
magnetoleucocytes.  Good luck.


					Bill Tivol

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