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Ken Brown rkjb at cix.compulink.co.uk
Sat Jun 4 15:08:43 EST 1994

Subject: Re: Voices for Evolution
Warren vonRoeschlaub (kv07 at iastate.edu) wrote:

:   They do?  From the politics list (full version):

: Southern Baptists to Doctorates : -0.174878 with 76.8% confidence
: Verbal SAT to Southern Baptists : -0.011228 with 6.1% confidence
: Math SAT to Southern Baptists : 0.001690 with 0.9% confidence

[other lists of numbers stuff deleted]

I too have trouble with understanding this.
Perhaps I lost some of the thread.

If I do understand it then you are saying that people who identify as
Christians in US censuses do better at school than people who don't.
However, amongst the Christians Catholics don't do as well as the rest &
Southern Baptists do very badly indeed.

Is this in fact what you are saying?

If it is, then I assume that Episcopalians, Methodists, Independents et.c do
much better than average at school.

Isn't this what you would expect if exam results were correlated with family
income & social class? I have  the impression, based on no real knowledge,
that in much of the USA Catholics & Baptists are on the whole poorer than
other Christian groups.

Or am I totally misinterpreting you?

In any case this seems to be a little more interesting than tedious
repetitive arguments about creationism :-)

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