Horshoe crab shell composition

Sean David Moore smoore at mail.sas.upenn.edu
Mon Jun 6 11:48:14 EST 1994

Were the shells found merely as waste?
Were the whole animals used as fertilizer?

The shellls are mostly chitin so I don't think they would be much fun for
the plants..of course there would be minerals and such that would be useful.

Maybe those indians ran out of fish.


Montlick (montlick at aol.com) wrote:
: Does anyone have info on the chemical composition of horseshoe crab
: shells?  Specifically, could the shells have any fertilizing
: properties, i.e. in reducing soil acidity?

: An archaeologist friend is doing research in this area, and doesn't
: think that they could have been useful fertilizer, as some of his
: colleagues have suggested.

: - Terry Montlick

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