Films for Photomicrography

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>With the introduction of new color transparency films from both Fuji and Kodak, 
>I am wondering if anyone has any new preferences for color transparency film 
>for their bright-field or fluoresence microscopy.  
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>I am also interested in your preferences for B&W negative film.  I have always 
>used Kodak Technical Pan for bright-field and T-Max (400) for fluorescence.

I'm still using KR 25 for brightfield subjects that I want to preserve 
forever. I know the others are supposed to be archival, but I can't help
myself. Perhaps in another 20 years I'll reccomend something else to my
students. I've had good luck with Fujichrome 50. It provides good color
rendetion for histopath tissues, if you like them bright and cheery.  I
had some problems with the Lumiere films. My scope (Olympus PM-10) also has
color compensation capabailites, but I've not played around enough to 
balance the color temp for the film. If you have some info for setting the
color temp for Lumiere 100, I'd be most appreciative. Actually I like to be
able to open the box, insert my film, and begin shooting with reasonable
certainty my slides will come out.  There may be some advantages to the
new films, but the time for experimentation is simply too costly. Perhaps
we can share info and build on each others experience. 

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