Consensus statement on biomedical research

Steven Roy Daviss sdaviss at COSY.AB.UMD.EDU
Tue Jun 7 13:26:23 EST 1994

On 6 Jun 1994, David G. Rhodes wrote:

> There have been recent articles (e.g. "The Scientist" 8;1) reporting a
> "consensus statement" on biomedical research which apparently resulted
> from a March 9th meeting organized by Research! America.  Does anyone
> know where one might find a copy of the statement?  (If anyone has a
> copy on a disk somewhere, it sounds like it would be a document worth
> posting.)

I had thought that _The Scientist_ was available on a Gopher, but I 
cannot find a reference to it in their masthead.  The email address is 
listed as 71764.2561 at  ...I just tried a Gopher search for 
"The Scientist" and found texts of entire issues (although the most 
recent one I found was 11/93--I only looked thru 200 of the >1000 'hits').

An ftp address may be useful:

  login: anonymous
  password: userid at address
  cd the-scientist
  get the-scientist-yymmdd

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