Evolution is inevitable

Ludwig Plutonium Ludwig.Plutonium at dartmouth.edu
Wed Jun 8 09:31:26 EST 1994

In article <2t3gtp$1n8 at mailhost.interaccess.com>
bh at interaccess (Bounty Hunter) writes:

> What _I_ would like to ask Mr. Ludwig, is:
> Does it make more sense that someone snapped His fingers and made all 
> life appear? Doesn't _THAT_ violate QM?!
> Bounty Hunter
> bh at home.interaccess.com

  Learn QM and the Bell Inequality, before you act and pretend as if
you know QM, and then consequently post a pretentious statement and the
"air of all knowing" by yourself.
  What _I_ would like to ask ,,,,,,, is: Can you find a more
pretentious name than Bounty Hunter? (you sure the hunter part is
spelled correctly or with the third letter of the alphabet? :-)  :-)

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