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Wed Jun 8 04:24:59 EST 1994

rcdana at (Richard Dana) writes:
The purpose of this posting is to initiate a global effort to save plant 
DNA and also to stimulate plant research in a new direction.  I have 
a new technology which facilitates plant DNA and RNA isolation. I 
want to see it used all over the world. The preservation of DNA is 
easy to do and I feel that it must be done.  Of course it would be 
better to have the seeds and fragments of plants, others can do 
this.  I see great advances in the future where genes are isolated 
from this preserrved DNA can be preserved for thousands of 
years...long after the seed collections are gone.  Eventually the 
technology that is emerging to sequence the humane genome can be 
brought to bear on plants.

I request methods and  help from the biologists to make DNA 
available from all species of plants to AMBIOCOM and then AMBIOCOM 
can facilitate the sharing of the Green Genes.

GREEN GENE >Ambiocom >P.O. Box 910416 >San Diego, CA 92191-0416


>Please provide methods for the isolation of plant DNA so that at least
>the DNA can be preserved from species that are being destroyed.

>A global effort for the preservation of plant DNA is now underway.

>Richard Dana, Ph.D.
>rcdana at

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