Evolution is inevitable

wmh69 at cas.org wmh69 at cas.org
Tue Jun 7 19:56:52 EST 1994

Please define evolution.  Many people use the term incorrectly; i.e., evolution
is the search for the perfect form.  Evolutionary theory in a broad sense
merely states that organisms react to changes in environment through natural
selection.  This is neither good nor bad nor up nor down.

Evolution is only a theory.  Almost all of our scientific "facts" from all
the major branches of science are only theories.  Many theories have been
"proven" wrong in the past, and I am sure that some number of our present
theories will be scoffed at in the future.  If a theory cant stand on its
own under scrutiny, then it wasnt much of a theory to begin with.

This is, of course, only a theory.


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