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Tue Jun 7 19:15:32 EST 1994

          Yikes !

          What I have been reading on the net provides overwhelming
          evidence indicating that humans did evolve from animal
          ancestors.   The many eloquent speeches debating
          creationism, evolution, religion, politics and education
          indicate animal or hominid "thinking".  Animal brains are
          designed more for logical decision making rather than to
          think!  (Notice I didn't say animals can't think). They are
          designed to form a quick conclusion based on assumptions
          which have been gleaned from experience then REACT! An
          animal can't have the luxury of thinking in dangerous
          situations. This is why humans who are contemplative don't
          usually make good military leaders. Intelligent presidents
          have problems. Look at recent US history.

           Most people (animals) use logic to form opinions which they
          had already formed in a naive condition.  It's difficult to
          change an opinion once it has been solidified and integrated
          into the ego.  An interesting fact is that given the right
          (which may be wrong) assumptions you can conclude anything.
          Under hypnosis you can give a person a post hypnotic
          suggestion that he is Jesus Christ, wake him (or her) and
          argue your self blue trying to convince him he is NOT
          Christ. All the logic in the world won't work.  Think about

          Once you are convinced that your view of the world is
          correct then  your conclusion is the CORRECT conclusion.  I
          KNOW because I just concluded it and I am right ! |-)  It's
          also easy to think, and form conclusions quickly  when you
          don't need facts and can use generalizations or preconceived
          ideas.  (Limbaugh-thinking)  This cuts out the problem of
          circular reasoning which has destroyed at least two
          computers in the original star-trek episodes. I will not go
          in to human language here- other than to say that it is part
          of the problem.

          I have a hypothesis...  Humans won't figure out the universe
          because as smart as we think we are our brains are still
          animal brains and aren't designed to handle the REALLY BIG

          Now - if anyone replies to any of this no flames - my ego
          has a thin skin.


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