Evolution is inevitable

Markus Wobisch wobisch at desy.de
Wed Jun 8 07:18:42 EST 1994

Bounty Hunter (bh at interaccess) wrote:

: wmh69 at cas.org wrote:
: : Evolution is only a theory.  Almost all of our scientific "facts" from all
: : the major branches of science are only theories.  Many theories have been
: : "proven" wrong in the past, and I am sure that some number of our present
: : theories will be scoffed at in the future.  

Yes, that's the way our theories are developping (according to 
Karl Popper) - it's an evolutionary way: selection and falsification.

: What _I_ would like to ask Mr. Ludwig, is:
: Does it make more sense that someone snapped His fingers and made all 
: life appear? Doesn't _THAT_ violate QM?!

It doesn't violate Quantum-Theory (and no other physical theory)
because physical theories don't make any predictions about transcendental
beeings (whether they are snipping their fingers or not)!
They make only predictions of physical phenomena and so they allow it
to 'explain' facts, by some principles that seem to be easier to 

So if you don't understand what's meant by evolution you may believe
that everything was created (by snipping fingers or whatever you like).
If you do understand what's meant by evolution there are surely some
other points where your knowledge is ending and where you are making
assumptions that you cannot defend. 

                               Don't follow leaders  -  B. Dylan

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