Dealing with biosci.src - reply to a comment from Fote Macrides

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Jun 9 16:32:15 EST 1994

>I hate it when I do WAIS searches of biosci.src, and the hits are all old,
>obsolete messages, and I can't think of a query that'll generate hits for the
>latest, current, correct information...

This is definitely a problem, and I've been contemplating establishing
a separate index that only includes "recent" messages.  I'd like some
feedback on how we should define "recent."

In the interim, I don't know what WAIS client you are using but there
are a couple of other options: (1) use gopher to to search
the WAIS source; you can probably retrieve a larger number of hits
that way; or (2) try using our waismail server which let's you
retrieve up to 1000 hits but is more cumbersome to use.


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				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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