Evolution is inevitable

Amitava Datta datta at orkney.informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Jun 9 08:59:32 EST 1994

SCOTT I CHASE (sichase at csa5.lbl.gov) wrote:
: In article <2t4knu$idn at dartvax.dartmouth.edu>, Ludwig.Plutonium at dartmouth.edu (Ludwig Plutonium) writes...
: > 
: >  Learn QM and the Bell Inequality, before you act and pretend as if
: >you know QM...

: Dishwasher, wash thyself.

: -Scott

I protest against such direct attack on somebody because of  his profession. I am 
not supporting Ludwig's theories, but either one should ignore his postings
or refute in a civilized way.


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