Altering genes

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>With the ability through genetic engineering to alter genes that show a
>person will have a disability or illness, should we alter them?  That is,
>because we have the ability to do so, should we use this ability?

    Yes, and No.   It all depends on why we alter the genes.  If we
alter the genes to wipe out genetic diseases, i.e.- A flaw in creation,
so as to help humanity become more viable as a species, and therefore
more capable of Creation, and thusly Advancement in our understandings
of Physics, and Metaphysics, and therefore helping a higher number
of humans in the future to reach the Second Tier (In the basic hierarchy),
thusly furthering our eventual transition into a fully spiritually 
aware species in accordance the Creator's plans, then it is good.

    If, on the other hand, we use genetic manipulation with the
intent of weeding out "Undesirables", based upon an imperfect 
realization of "purity", such as that expressed by Hitler,
then not only are we destroying humanity by trying to live up 
to an impossible standard and possibly causing genetic warfare
between rival groups of fanatics trying to mold our species,
but we are dooming our species, thereby not just corrupting our
own bodies, but Creator's desires and plans for Humanity to
advance toward the realization of the whole of creation and not
just our limited physical perceptions.

    It's a very dangerous area to try and decide on, and I firmly
stand on both sides of the issue.  I'm not "fencesitting", but this
is so potentially volatile an issue at this stage in our development
that I must rule on each individual usage of the technology as it arises.

    Basically, I support using genetic therapy to cure "incurable"
diseases provided we are ready to deal with the increased population.
I support prenatal treatment of diseases like Downs Syndrome (If the
parents so wish), and predispositions to diseases like cancer.
I ONLY support these treatments provided they are available to the
general populace (Within reason), and not just the rich.


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