Wed Jun 8 19:23:45 EST 1994

          Yo you all.

          I have some scientific questions.

          1. What evidence exists that indicates God is of male
          gender? Logic indicates that  God must be male since Jesus
          was male  and a  Y chromosome was necessary.

          On the other hand maybe God is female with a y chromosome.
          God can change to rules can't she?  after all she IS God!
          Besides females are biologically superior.

          If God is female this explains lots of things.
          Did you ever wonder why women live just long enough to spend
          all the money left them by their husbands?  OR .. If their
          husbands die young they remarry an older male who won't
          outlive them?

          3. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

          4. If humans were created in God's image does that include
          the ugly ones?

          5. Do humans really need satin to misbehave?

          6. If God created humans 6000 years ago what did she do for
          the first 20 billion years and what is she going to do for
          the next 20 billion years?  (Does God get bored?)

          7.  If the earth is really millions (billions) of years old
          Why didn't God create intelligent dinosaurs?  Or did she?  I
          would have.  For that matter what evidence is there that
          there were no intelligent dinosaurs?  They could have had
          civilizations, culture; atom bombs all that stuff.  Maybe
          thats why they became extinct.  It WASN'T a comet !! or
          maybe God got mad and did them in with a comet!

          8.  Is God infallible?  If so why did she drowned the
          majority of the human race in the great flood?  And how do
          you explain all the nasty people alive today if they were
          all drowned? HOW!

          9.  If God is dead I have a hypothesis that explains how it
          happened.  God doesn't make mistakes - God created humans.
          That was a mistake;  otherwise she wouldn't have had to get
          rid of them.  Besides people are not perfect and we were
          created in God's image?.
          But God is perfect ... but making mistakes is not perfect...
          but God is perfect ... but making mistakes is not perfect...
          But God is perfect ... but making mistakes is not perfect...

          That does not compute.....

          Can anyone help explain any of these scientific mysteries?

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