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Eric Cabot (ecec at wrote:
: In article <1994Jun7.013250.10045 at> una at (Una Smith) writes:

: >Are there *no other* comments on this proposal? And Eric writes:

: If you mean comments on zebra fish,  sounds like a good idea.
: If you mean sticking the word "organism" in front of every organism's
: name then this seems to me to be a pointless exercise in complexity
: for the mere sake of complexity itself, as I mentioned before. 
: But hey, if that's what turns you on, it's not *my* newsgroup.

: By the way were, you planning on having groups like 
:  bionet.organism.protista too? Or can we be trusted to a assume that
: protists are organisms all by ourselves?

Amen, Eric.  
	Since everyone is picking on the name, let me put in my $.02 worth.
I first read newsgroups  to get some information from the nitrogen
fixing group.  I read it on a gopher (I think from MSU) that threaded it
under biology. There didn't appear to be any logic 
for why it and another group were under
biology and all the rest were in the main directory of bionet.  By the
way to make matters worse MSU kept another group by the same title in
its main bionet directory that no one posted too.  At least organisms
has some logic, but let wait till  we have number of groups before we
start pulling them out.  It will make it a bit harder to find them. 
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