*Genes, patents, and careers

Thu Jun 9 17:21:23 EST 1994

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> I see no reason why I should have to spend the rest of my
> life in debt just because I enjoy learning and research.

Here, here.  However, how much $$ goes to the individual and how much
goes to the corporation, university, etc.?  If substantial sums go to
the University, for example, wouldn't that serve as a financial "reward"
of sorts to the system that

1. hired an individual who is apparently capable of unveiling important
   (i.e., useful) facts about nature

2. created an environment which apparently fosters meaningful research

and all that happy jazz?  Taking the long view, patents on useful
discoveries amounts to a slap on the back for such meaningful stuff;
it could also (if used right) mean that institutions could sustain much
more of their own research, which is always a good thing.

James Lyons-Weiler

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