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Silver's "Voices for Evolution"

ELLIOT ATTRIDGE ELIOT at biolsci.dundee.ac.uk
Wed Jun 8 12:15:16 EST 1994

>On May 31, 11:35pm, yehuda silver wrote:
>> Actually, in "modern politaically correct" public schools, where
>> learn evolution, gay rights, recieve condoms (in fact condoms and
>> evolution are the only part of the biology curriculum taken
>> many students can NOT add, nor subtract, neither read nor write, but
>> "High self esteem" and think they are monkeys!
>> In the "politically incorrect" more traditional schools, especially
>> religious ones, which stress right and wrong,
>> Students do well in all standard math and reading exams,
>> and achieve high scores by any objective measure.
>> So which has the "backward, ignorant" approach?
>>-- End of excerpt from yehuda silver

-So you are saying that in those schools which teach evolution the students 
are LESS likely to do well than those who are not taught it (WHERE is your 
EVIDENCE)! This is total and utter RUBBISH!! If I said that those students 
attending the schools teaching religion ate more hamburgers than those at a 
school teaching evoltuion, would you tell me that all children should eat 
hamburgers and if they didn't they would suffer learning difficulties? If I 
said that children were taught more about road safety at a school teaching 
evolution and the students happened to do worse in their tests than those 
from a religious school would you advocate *not* teaching road safety??
 IF there was a clear, statistically significant difference between those 
schools teaching evolution and those who don't then a more likely 
explanation is that there is more DISCIPLINE in those religious schools. 
And DISCIPLINE has NOTHING to do with the subjects being taught!!!! :(

 Eliot Attridge
 Dept. Biological Sciences,
 University of Dundee
 DD1 4JR

NB No-one thinks they are a monkey!

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