Dealing with biosci.src - reply to a comment from Fote Macrides

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Fri Jun 10 01:05:39 EST 1994

David Kristofferson (kristoff at wrote:
: >I hate it when I do WAIS searches of biosci.src, and the hits are all old,
: >obsolete messages, and I can't think of a query that'll generate hits for the
: >latest, current, correct information...

: This is definitely a problem, and I've been contemplating establishing
: a separate index that only includes "recent" messages.  I'd like some
: feedback on how we should define "recent."

'recent' would be a year back in my view.

I tried various methods with my private mailbox (>80 messages/day) which 
I WAIS'ed to find things more quickly. Possible solutions were: 

(1) Make annual sources to be searched individually 
(2) make 'threaded' indices so that only one is shown 
	- sorry, I don't know how to do this 
(3) Keep everything as is and introduce a postprocessor

As a result, only (expensive and cumbersome) manual filtering helped. 
Unless we make moderated the same fate is envisaged
there :-) 


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