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>Maybe the best approach is to teach Biology in Public schools i.e.
>scientific knowlegde arrived at through hypthesis and experimental
>this would exclude all "religious philosophy's
>such as:
>a) gay rights

I would agree that this doesn't belong in a *science* class, but it does
belong in a civics/law/politics/sociology/etc class.  Esp. open,
intelligent discussion on this subject.

>b) condoms

Condoms are the best way, short of abstenance (no comment on what's right
here), to prevent pregnancy and spreading STDs.  This *fact* is based on
physical evidence, and if people old enough to have sex shouldn't be taught
the FACTS about pregnancy and STDs, when should they be taught?  This
information is a scientific fact, and it should be taught as such (I would
personally stay away from moral judgements); people should know the risks
of having sex, the benefits of not having it, and what they can do if they
feel they have to have it.

>c) evolution (which does not satisfy the strict definition of SCIENCE,
>i.e. a hypothesis later confiremed through experiment!

Where does evolution fail?  It IS an hypothesis, supported by evidence.    
i.e., it is a THEORY.  Is your problem the order?  Perhaps you think that
scientific theories are (in chronological order) first ideas which are then
confirmed to be true by evidence?  If you think this, then you haven't any
idea what science is, and absolutely NO knowledge of the history of any
science theory.  Do you think it isn't an hypothesis?  Such ignorance would
astound me.  Do you think it isn't supported by evidence or experiment?
Then you haven't been reading anything about evolution that is true, and
you are once again guilty of monumental ignorance.

Lucky for you, ignorance is curable: all you have to do is read a book.  Or
a science magazine, or even just talk.origins or sci.bio.evolution.  I do
hope you aren't afraid of overcoming your rather obvious failings?  We must
all try to be better people...

[more out-of-touch-with-reality blithering deleted]
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