Flesh Eating Bacteria

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>Does anyone have any more detailed 
>info on the recently media-exposed "flesh
>eating bacteria"? I heard on one chan
>nel that it was a strep, and staph on
>another channel and none mentioned 
>what treatment was being used (i.e. if there
>was resistance to any antibiotics). 
>Has this bug ever been reported before? I
>have never heard of it until about two weeks ago.

An article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer last week, on the local
treatment of children with the so-called "flesh-eating" strain of
strep, said that the disease seems to resist both strong antibiotics
of various kinds and aggressive surgical removal of infected throat
tissue.  Oh, it's the throat tissue that constitutes the "flesh" that
gets "eaten".  
The children who come down with this stuff get hit really hard, and
are in real danger of death.
The local docs, on a whim, decided to treat one of the kids in a
hyperbaric chamber (hope that's spelled right). Apparently, their
hunch paid off, as the high air pressure seemed to work quite
well--though I can't recall whether the results were to slow down the
bacteria, or to actually kill 'em all off.  Whichever, this has now
become the treatment of choice for the small population that's being
treated in this area.
Hope this helps.
tandmark at aol.com (Mark Manning, Seattle)

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