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Mon Jun 13 08:07:16 EST 1994

Interested in bats ?

BATLINE - Bat Research Information Exchange Network

BATLINE is a global forum for all bat reseachers. It has been initiated to
promote the exchange of information, questions, and ideas pertaining to bat
research and education. BATLINE was founded in October 1993 in USA and now, 
while I'm writing this letter in June 1994, already 192 reseachers and 
batworkers have joined it. Most of them are from USA, naturally, but now 
there is also about 15 European researchers too. So, if You are interested,
welcome to BATLINE !

To join BATLINE is simple:

If You are an Internet-user, send a one-line message

sub batline yourfirstname yourlastname


(Bitnet-users to: LISTSERV at UNMVMA)

Once You have subscribed, you will receive information on how to send
messages to the BATLINE along with other pertinent information.
Questions regarding this service may be addressed to Mike Balistreri
who's email-address is: MIKEBAL at TRITON.UNM.EDU

Please forward this mail to any batpeople You know !

Keep on batting !

Yours, Olli Haukkovaara
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