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David G. Rhodes rhodes at MODEL.PHR.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Jun 13 06:23:08 EST 1994

First, to those who feel as I do, sorry to (perhaps) perpetuate the

On Jun 10,  7:59pm, David L Robinson wrote:
> Subject: biology and religion
> K. Brown comments that this newsgroup is for discussing biology, not
> religion. But if the interplay of the two are not discussed here,
then where?
> This *is* BIOFORUM.
> Don't biologists need to get out of the ivory tower?
>-- End of excerpt from David L Robinson

1. there have been repeated posts directing interested participants to
more appropriate bio-evolution-etc.-related forums.

2. This thread can hardly be called a "discussion" in the scientific
sense of the word.  Some time ago it degenerated to name-calling and
redundant arguments.

3. The thread has become a nuisance.  PLEASE TAKE THE DISCUSSION
ELSEWHERE !!!!  At this point, 99.9% of us could care less who is an
ignorant buffoon, or who thinks what.  GO AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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