Critical rate of mutations

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Mon Jun 13 09:44:51 EST 1994

Megan Mignerey (megan at wrote:
: Hi,
: 	I need some information on examples of species shortening the
: genome length in order to avoid an insupportable number of mutations and

	The muntjak and the zebrafish both have very small genomes
compared to their cohorts (other mammals and other fish respectively)
but I doubt it has anything to do with "avoiding mutations".
	If "extra DNA" in the genome is not needed (therefor it can be
eliminated) then what harm do mutations in it cause?   

: I'm not really sure where to start.  If anyone knows of appropiate journal,
: computerized, periodical articles and books, etc...would you please e-mail
: to me at megan at If that is not possible for some
: reason, posting will prob. get to me as I read this group fairly often.

	The Journal of Molecular Evolution is a good place to start, but
rather than searching through issues of it by hand, I recommend using
MedLine (or ENTREZ, or a similar searching tool) to search for "genome size"
and other keywords that might help you get at the articles you want.

: Thanks so much,
: Meg

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