Medical Info on the Internet

Ian Hutchings ih at
Mon Jun 13 13:29:56 EST 1994

I am an assistant working on a project dealing with ways in which types 
of medical information is being distributed over the Internet.  We are 
examining how self-care, self-treatment, preventative medicine, and 
alternative medicine information is being spread over the net and the 
resources by which this information is available.

I have already begun composing a list of gopher and telnet sites, mailing 
lists and newsgroups through which such information is available.  If you 
know of any means by which such information as is described above is 
available over the Internet, I would greatly appreciate your input.  I am 
interested in all Internet resources (eg. telnet, gopher, ftp, WWW, 
newsgroups, mailing lists (please include registration info if possible), 

Please e-mail any information you wish to pass along to me at 
ih at  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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